2011/03/01 – Home sicked

Today I was home, sicked.
And obviously with the job I have, stay-at-home day quickly becomes a work-from-home day.
But at least, things slowing down a lot and I even managed to take a nap around noon!
I can’t even remember when was the last time things has slowed down that much for me. For almost a year now, my life has been the same, work from Monday to Friday, study for the nights and weekends. Even occasional so-called “relaxation time” was more or less not relaxing because it is either work-related or on things that I am not really interested in.
For those whose ambition is working on the trading floor one day, you need to know what you are signing up for. Perhaps you are being rewarded financially, but it also means you are saying farewell to a relaxed life.
Perhaps that is what you really want, but if not, don’t ever tell yourself “I’ll just be in this for 5 years and make a million dollar and quit”. There is only beginning point in this business, but no ending.
As for me, I’ll watch some TV tonight, sleep early and get ready for the crazy life I opted for, tomorrow.

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