2011/02/09 – Update – what happened recently?

It has been a while since I last updated this blog.

So, what has happened to me recently?

First, I have passed my one year anniversary on the trading floor (*drum-rolls*), no, there is no souvenir unfortunately, just more work and more responsibility.

Second, I passed my CFA Level I exam as I was hoping to, with a 36% passing rate, I am really happy that I managed to get my luck to shine. I will post another article when I have time just to share some of the experience.

What would be my plan for 2011 then?

Well, first, it would be passing my CSC L2, which I have signed up and will be writing in less than a week’s time. After that, it would be CFA L2 in June. Being the most difficult of the 3, I am actually really nervous about it.

Let’s hope things will all work out. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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